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The Brand

"Chromia" the name explains why it is perfect for our jewelry. Derived from Latin origin, it means “All Colors”. This is what Chromia is recognized for, four decades of finding rarest and exotic colored gemstones and experience of handcrafted jewelry made with rich 18KT gold only. Chromia is not just a symbol of colors and purity but also legacy of crafting exclusive jewelry that are cherished by generations together.

The History and The Present

Chromia Jewelry is a sequel of legacy started in the gemstone capital of India- Jaipur, the capital of luxury jewels.We take pride in exquisite and rare gemstones, some of the rarities are decade old and hidden in vaults of miners. Our expert sourcing team are gem hunters always tracking down opportunities for hidden gems and rarities. Our parent company has won several awards for contributing to the gemstone industry. We are immensely proud of the quality and passion we put in our jewelry.

Chromia Jewelry has a dedicated and highly experienced designing team that are creating a variety of designs for everyone's taste. Our Jewelry catalog is menu for all ages and interests. The impeccable quality and craftsmanship isloved and enjoyed by our customers who we like to call Chromia family. We welcome you to the family and hope you cherish the colors and joy through our jewelry.

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